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Pani Jurek + Taras Mulyak

Multifunctional woodcarved board. Can be used as a wall clock shield (clock moovment kit is not included), a cutting or cheese boar or just hanged on the wall as a decorative piece, the way the original Hucul plates were used.

This item was designed by Pani Jurek as a part of second edition “Release the Project” initiative, run by Association "Based in Warsaw" and Warsaw Ethnographic Museum. The aim of the project is to promote traditional handcraft as well as the model of production and distribution of material goods on the basis of free Creative Commons licenses. The second edition of “Release the Project” took a place in Kolomyia Region in Ukraine.

A starting point to design was a reflection on the old rhythm of human life, measured not by hours or minutes but by the sun phases and human work. The visual inspiration was taken directly from a sunflower - one of the most popular crops in Ukraine, considered as a solar plant. The sunflower face, meticulously filled with seeds resembles Hucul ornaments. Pattern created by nature was transferred by the designer onto the wooden board and “eaten” like sunflower seed by a chisel of woodcarver. The result is a concave relief. To carve the seeds pattern in wood is time consuming, so the craftsman is working on every board, previously agreed length of time. This way, boards with different level of cavities carving are made. Two-hours-work, three-hours-work board can be ordered. Every one is unique because the craftsman starts his work from different points. What is left and what receives the Purchaser is the unique traces of manual work, the exclusivity of time dedicated for Purchaser’s order, concentration, rhythm and weariness. This meditative character of item can be a kickoff for the reflection on contemporary rhythm of life.