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"PSIKUSY Remix your dog" book

"PSIKUSY Remix your dog" book


The book PSIKUSY is about how the mixed breed dogs arise, about dog personalities, the shapes and colours galore, that only nature can create. The publication contains 40 cards of purebred dog breeds, designed for cutting and making collages. Using the cut muzzles, paws, bellies, tails, shags, patches, and looks you can create various “hybrids” of the world. Plenty of shapes as well as of graphic and painting techniques gives an infinite number of dog variations. Portrait of dog can be framed and put on the wall next to family photos and used to create an animation. The title PSIKUSY means tricks in Polish.

The packaging is also a sort of puzzle. It allows to create a dog face with ears and tongue. The book is dedicated to children and adults, with an idea to promote mixed-breed dogs and mongrels. The idea behind the book to see hidden beauty of mongrels, dogs often homeless, abandoned and kept on chains.

The concept and graphic design is created by Pani Jurek and Małgorzata Gurowska, Dorota Masłowska wrote a witty statement which is the praise of mongrelism and diversity, dog breeds are portrayed by distinguished Polish illustrators:  Jacek Ambrożewski, Małgorzata Gurowska, Marta Ignerska, Pani Jurek, Edyta Ołdak, Paulina Pankiewicz, Maria Strzelecka, and seven-year-old Wandzia Hermanowicz. The book is bilingual, in Polish and English. It is intended for both children and adults. 

A good, beautiful, and wise book. PSIKUSY teaches kids that every dog is beautiful and wonderful. It is also a book about diversity, apotheosis of muttiness, also in a human context. It can be used in order to get the children accustomed to the fact that the society is a place for everyone and for all: white, brown, rainbow, .... We are all mutts. – Agata Szydłowska, design critic, curator

Publisher: Gang Design / Pani Jurek / ISBN 978-83-944509-0-8
Text: Dorota Masłowska
Translation to English from the Polish: Benjamin Paloff
Format: 240x340 mm
Inside: 40 cards with breed dogs, poster